Once you have installed the system to the hard disk in your computer, or an externally attached storage device, you may want to keep it recent by running the Update utility from time to time.


This utility is currently in Developer Preview status and is intended for developers and testers. Only use it if you have a backup of your system or if you are running on a test system that you can set up from scratch if needed.

This utility

  • Creates a new Boot Environment (bootable partial snapshot). This is not a full replacement for a backup but should allow you to roll back to the state before the update, should something go wrong

  • Updates the FreeBSD operating system components (kernel and userland)

  • Updates all FreeBSD Packages

  • Currently does not update any applications that came with helloSystem as native application bundles



Please follow this exact procedure when testing the Update utility:

  • Install a helloSystem 0.7.0 pre-release build to hard disk.

  • Open QTerminal and run sudo pkg lock --yes automount slim gvfs dejavu liberation-fonts-ttf. This step is important because otherwise the update will overwrite carefully crafted helloSystem customizations. (There may be more packages that need to be locked as well.)

  • Run the Update utility and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Once the update has completed, restart your computer to make full use of the updated software.

  • Run the Boot Environments preferences application and check that there is a boot environment that you can switch back to in the case you are not satisfied with the updated system.

Please submit any problems you might be running into to this issue.

Thanks for testing the Update utility.