Note to distributions

helloSystem is designed, developed, and tested as an integrated operating system. It is not a desktop environment designed to run on various operating systems or distributions.

Focusing on building one coherent operating system greatly simplifies the code, the development and testing process, and ultimately increases quality.

Please do not try to include helloSystem in third-party distributions. While you are free to use components from helloSystem for your own projects as far as their respective licenses permit, please be aware that we may not always be interested in contributions that increase portability, especially if they would increase complexity significantly.

Please do not call your derivatives “hello” or “helloSystem”. In order to keep support and maintenance burden low, please give clearly distinguishable names to your derivatives.

You may want to include the desktop components of helloSystem, the helloDesktop “Desktop Environment” (collection of individual components, really).

For example, work is being done to bring the helloDesktop components to FreeBSD: But please note that “FreeBSD with helloDesktop” is not the same as helloSystem.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team if you have questions regarding this policy.