Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following persons and organizations.

Mentions roughly in the order of first involvement with the project.

FreeBSD project

  • Providing the underlying operating system

FreeBSD port maintainers

As listed on

  • Providing end user applications

Simon Peter

probonopd @probonopd on twitter

  • Founded the project

  • Acting as the main developer

Joe Maloney

pkgdemon malco2001 on irc (#FuryBSD)

  • Originally wrote the tools to create Live ISOs for FuryBSD

Cirrus CI

  • Providing continuous build infrastructure

Fedor Korotkov


  • Provided helpful support concerning all things Cirrus CI

FreeBSD Foundation

  • Gave permission to use the trademarks in the ‘Install FreeBSD’ utility

Sławomir Wojciech Wojtczak

vermaden @vermaden on twitter

  • Provided helpful feedback and configuration advice

  • Configuration for tap to click and two-finger scrolling for Synaptics and Elan touchpads

Reven Martin (CutefishOS)

rekols @revenmartin on twitter, @cutefishos on twitter

  • Originally wrote Panda Status Bar, which the hello Menu is based on

  • Originally wrote Cyber Dock, which the hello Dock is based on

Ale Rimoldi

aoloe @a_l_e on twitter

  • Implemented Action Search (search through menubar)

Antony jr

antony-jr @antonyjr0 on twitter

  • Put Search field for Action Search in menubar

  • Integrated of ‘System’ menu into menubar

Keshav Bhatt

keshavbhatt @keshavmail68 on twitter

  • Helped making ‘System’ menu submenus clickable

@FreeBSDHelp on twitter

  • Reached out to FreeBSD kernel developers



  • Improved documentation by providing Sphinx evangelism and ReStructuredText help

  • Helped with CMake and Qt translations

Leodanis Pozo Ramos


  • Wrote tutorial and sample code that forms the basis for

Marcel Kaiser


  • Wrote initgfx graphics hardware autoconfiguration

Graham Perrin


  • Provided early testing and feedback



  • Made System menu to refresh itself automatically

  • Fixed Menu and desktop for multi-monitor setups

Chris Moore


  • Improved Filer: Added initial ‘spatial mode’ option (folders open in a new window) and made already-open windows come to the front rather than opening the same window multiple times

  • Made volumes show up on the desktop

  • Added menus to the desktop


  • Providing infrastructure for crowd-sourced translations

Chris Rees


  • Made it possible to use a fixed Intel GPU driver for FreeBSD 12.2 from a private package

  • Created a package for the Falkon browser that does not pull in many KDE dependencies

  • Updated required FreeBSD ports and helped writing new ports

Jordan Gordeev

  • Wrote geom_rowr FreeBSD kernel module to combine a read-only with a read-write device

Jesper Schmitz Mouridsen (jsmdk)


  • Packaging helloDesktop components for FreeBSD Ports (details)

  • Fix for the Global Menu in Chrome and Firefox

  • Added patches to Firefox and Thunderbird Ports for global menu support

Sergey Tyuryukanov

s199p.wa1k9k @S199pWa1k9r on twitter

  • Packaging helloDesktop components for FreeBSD Ports on aarch64

Zoë Knox

mszoek @thatzoek on twitter

  • Implemented org.freedesktop.FileManager1 API in Filer



  • Translated helloSystem to Spanish

Sebastian Birnbach

  • Donated a Mac mini (Mid 2010) (Macmini4,1) to the helloSystem Hardware Test Zoo

Luna Jernberg


  • Swedish translator

Framework Computer Inc


  • Donated a Framework Mainboard (i5-1135G7) through the Developer Mainboard Program

Jérôme Ornech

Hierosme alias Tuuux

  • Rewrote (#159)

  • Wrote Network