If you have found this page, chances are that you are considering to to contribute to this project.


This is a small, purely volunteer-driven project, so your contributions are highly welcome.

How to get started?

  • Download an experimental live ISO from

  • Look through the GitHub Issues sections of the projects within

  • A great way to get started is to comment on some GitHub issues. Also feel free to open new ones. We use GitHub Issues as a means of discussion and keeping track of everything, so don’t hesitate to use them. General topics not related to any particular component go to

  • Especially have a look at issues marked with . Here your contributions would be especially helpful, but of course your contributions to other tickets are more than welcome, too

  • There is a liberal amount of FIXME and TODO in the source code. Reducing the number of those is always highly welcome

Our project values

  • Please see for the general philosophy of the project

  • Always keep in mind that our philosophy is “simple > complicated”, “less, but better”

  • We prefer small pull requests that change one thing each, rather than large ones that do many things at once

  • Please avoid complex code structures that require deep C++ knowledge (e.g., avoid subclassing, pointer arithmetic,… where possible)

  • We appreciate code with comments that explain why we are doing something

  • Our policy is to merge PRs liberally but roll back changes that cause breakage quickly. master must always build and not crash

Areas we especially need help with

Here is what we need help with: Issues flagged with help-wanted, and of course other contributions are also welcome.

Maybe you’d like to look into one of these: Issues flagged with good-first-issue.